July 16, 2012

I need a new Laptop

I'll be joining work (NVIDIA) on 23rd, July'12. Apparently, a business laptop is thrown at me as soon as I enter. In my attempt to keep all the surprises alive, I had implored my colleagues who had joined earlier to stick "SPOILER ALERT!!!", when they'd post something on our freshmen employee's facebook group. Nonetheless, I had came across the fact that it'd be a Dell or a Lenovo, obviously buisness oriented, sporting a measly NVS 4000mx (nvidia quadro mobile).

Like in Hell's name, that'd be enough for me!!! Work laptop - strictly work... DUH!

Even my current portable antique would be better in performance. Don't look at me like that! It's four years old and I maintain it pretty well. Yes, I do!

My current machine - HP dv6800ee Notebook
  • CPU: Intel Mobile Core2Duo T8100, 2.1GHz, 3MB L2
  • MOBO: Intel PM965 chipset
  • RAM: 3GB DDR2
  • GPU: Nvidia 8400M GS, 256MB
  • HDD: 250GB, SATA, 5400rpm
Obviously, it's gonna take a while before I build the Gaming Rig. Nonetheless, I must have a portable machine, that could pack quite a decent performance punch.

So, I am staring at some ASUS laptops. CLICK ME - I AM NOT AN AD

The K55VM looks good. Ivy and a kepler. Works fine for me. I am a brand addict and I love ASUS. I'll try to get that on installments when my first salary + joining bonus is magically transferred to my account. It's good that I get a $15 upgrade to Windows 8, as does everyone who buys a laptop with Windows 7 from August onward. LOL, like that's ever been a concern... arrrr, matey!

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