October 3, 2014

Tower of Fun - Part 2

Pixel art makes all the difference

Expanding on the previous, I decided to improve the art in the game.



October 2, 2014

Tower of Fun - Part 1

TileMap and Player

This is where it really begun. Tower of Fun. Last time, I made myself a dungeon generation algorithm based on BSP trees and got it up and running on Phaser using tilemaps. Now, it’s time to really set the stage. Tower of Fun will build upon our simple dungeon generator and head to version 1, ending up something like this:




Using Markdown via StackEdit on Blogger

StackEdit for Blogger

I had posted the default Hello page from StackEdit to demo how amazing StackEdit can be. StackEdit is a markdown editor, with integrated featured from font-awesome, highlight.js, MathJax, flowchart.js and so much more that I have yet to discover. I went ahead wrote some more pages for my Tower of Fun project.

Dungeon Drawing in Phaser using Tilemap

Introduction to Phaser

The Dungeon Generator creates perfecrtly logical maps. You could witness the perfection in the console by using Dungeon.print(). But, really… we can’t have a game on the console right?

That’s where Phaser comes in. Phaser is an HTML5 game enigine that’s based on webGL, with a neat fallback to HTML5 Canavs. It is super lightweight and mobile platform oriented. The best part? The massive store of documentation and examples. And, there a whole load of tutorials out there that would help a noob like me figure out how things are done. This was the first Phaser tutorial I took. You should really check out the examples to see what Phaser is capable of.