February 13, 2013

OfficeMan #28

Parrot Blade Tonfa?... I need a sanity check or a some fresh creativity.

February 7, 2013

Philately ... LOL!

So... I used to collect stamps as a kid [-_-] . Thee's a good variety. I found my stamp book when I went back home for a vacation.

How to OfficeMan #27

This is OfficeMan #27,

I don't really know what I did... So, to keep track (for once), I took photos during the process. Look at me... describing my work as a master of the brush would when I am just the noob with a white board marker that smells intoxicating. Lol! 

Office Man #25, 26, 27

I have a strong feeling that I am supposed to be writing a post on something very important.... but, I just can't seem to remember what it was. Sigh. Nonetheless! Got some new OfficeMan... I think I have been slacking at these lately (especially, the Simple Spear - OM#26).

Recently, I have had some interesting conversations with people on Facebook... I'll post those up here too.