July 16, 2012

I am tone deaf

I am completely tone deaf and I love listening to music. Speaking of music, I like Cowon as their hardware is very good in my eyes and my ears. I had gotten my beloved Rho, a Cowon C2. Wonderful tiny thing with cutesy UI and music producing hardware that always brings every Apple to it's knees. Koreans :)

I can't use my Desire S for music, as it's not something I am comfy with using while working out, and primarily for it's audio out leaves a lot to be desired. What about my Nokia X1-01? Well, yes it does have an mp3 player with some freaky audio power amplifier circuit that could rip your ears apart, BUT!, it makes smooth jazz sound like trash metal... alright, I am greatly exaggerating, but you get the point. >_>

This is what I want - Cowon iAudio 9
It's powerful, carries the Cowon propriety audio quality with JetEffect(3.0) and BBE(+), light weight, long hours of playback and a UI and design that I would love to look at. Koreans :D
This will go good with my Philips O'Neill Specked earbuds.

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