March 28, 2013

Root your Galaxy SIII

Why would I root a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3, within three days of purchase, you ask? Well, in all honesty, sammy apps were killing the battery - Samsung Push, after I jumped to Jellybean 4.1.2 stock. It was unrelentingly annoying. So, I had no choice but to root it and get rid of bloatware. Guess what... It took five minutes to do so.

After Root + bloatware removal

March 5, 2013

I DesireS Jellybean

I have always been afraid of tampering with my HTC Desire S. Not in the fear of voiding warranty, rather following the logic of "Why fix something when it's not broken". It's nearly two years old now and I have been in the mood of getting a new phone since MWC'13. With Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC ONE looming around the corner, causing the prices of galaxy S3 and oneX to plummet,  now was the perfect time to truly enjoy android. I must warn you though... trying to "have fun" with an HTC phone is one pain in the circuit. Obviously, I am not commanding you to do anything... it is you, who must decide to pursue this lolgag or not and risk bricking your device.

JB-4.2.2 on Desire S. Woohoo!