July 16, 2012

I am tone deaf

I am completely tone deaf and I love listening to music. Speaking of music, I like Cowon as their hardware is very good in my eyes and my ears. I had gotten my beloved Rho, a Cowon C2. Wonderful tiny thing with cutesy UI and music producing hardware that always brings every Apple to it's knees. Koreans :)

Gimme the cheapest phone you got.

Roaming charges on my number are killing me. So, the obvious next step would be to get a local SIM, right? Not that easy. I need my current number active as well. Hence, I had to get the proverbial "secondary phone" in which I could stick my original SIM whilst enjoying the delicious delight of normal, almost insignificant rates of a local sim and the cheap 3G internet on my HTC Desire S. The local sim (airtel-Karnataka) gives me 100 sms per day, every day, forever. I am a happy camper... or in this case, a texter.

I need a new Laptop

I'll be joining work (NVIDIA) on 23rd, July'12. Apparently, a business laptop is thrown at me as soon as I enter. In my attempt to keep all the surprises alive, I had implored my colleagues who had joined earlier to stick "SPOILER ALERT!!!", when they'd post something on our freshmen employee's facebook group. Nonetheless, I had came across the fact that it'd be a Dell or a Lenovo, obviously buisness oriented, sporting a measly NVS 4000mx (nvidia quadro mobile).

July 4, 2012

My First Gaming Rig

The first thing I wanted to do with my money was not to get a car or save up to buy a place... I want a gaming rig. I have put off gaming for the past two years (at least the major titles) because my current machine is currently four years old. In tech years, a four year old machine is archaic.