July 16, 2012

Gimme the cheapest phone you got.

Roaming charges on my number are killing me. So, the obvious next step would be to get a local SIM, right? Not that easy. I need my current number active as well. Hence, I had to get the proverbial "secondary phone" in which I could stick my original SIM whilst enjoying the delicious delight of normal, almost insignificant rates of a local sim and the cheap 3G internet on my HTC Desire S. The local sim (airtel-Karnataka) gives me 100 sms per day, every day, forever. I am a happy camper... or in this case, a texter.
I was surprised that I paid the same attention to tech when I was buying the cheapest phone possible as I would when I would have to buy... well, something with a price tag that would deserve my attention.

I looked at these Phones.

Finally, settled on the Nokia X1-01. Wins with battery life and ridiculous jam packed features for that price, that I would NEVER use. I'm pretty sure the monochrome Nokia 1280 would have sufficed. My brother seems to enjoy the guitar hero knock off on the X1. The bottom line is that I now get to keep my official number/Nokia X1 active and yet enjoy local rates and internet (the most important thing in the world) on my local SIM/HTC Desire S.

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