May 29, 2013

Tame your Samsung Galaxy SIII

As you might know (or not) that I had previously, rooted my S3 as soon as I had gotten it. For a very good reason too. The stock apps (samsung push, etc) were really bad on my battery. So, I had to root and clear out those stock apps via Titanium Backup.

Now, months had passed, and I had gotten quite bored with Touchwiz. Not to mention, I really missed JB 4.2.2 which I had on my HTC DesireS (rooted+Andromadus ROM - CM 10.1 based). So, I flashed a CM  10.1(CyanogenMod) rom onto my S3. It's waaaaaay smoother now.

First,  I upgraded my recovery (TWRP) to the latest version - . You gotta do this via Odin (check my Root the S3 post on how to do this).
Second, scout for roms on xda. The good folks on xda, have many a thread indexing all of them. Check them out and pick any that meets your fancy.

Get the rom and the appropriate Google apps (each version of Android comes with a different set of gapps - Don't mess this up). Follow the instructions on the thread and you are done. The dance usually goes like this:

  • Download ROM and Gapps onto sdcard
  • Boot into rcovery.
  • Factory reset.
  • Wipe cache + Dalvik.
  • Flash ROM.
  • Flash Gapps.
  • Reboot.
 So... I flashed LiquidSmooth 2.5 (CM 10.1 based). Did I mention how smoooooth things are? :)With CM10.1 you get profiles and quickTiles and the whole Dark Android theme.

While you are at it, you should look into this app - Battery Saver Du. The best and most legit battery saver app I have ever seen. It's worth the few pennies you throw at it. With regular use (Always ON wifi/data/gps), I easily scrape 40hrs of battery life. To truly benefit from this app, you'd better have root though.

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