October 17, 2012

Office Man #9,10,11

How's work?

I find myself doing a lot of things at the same time. Microsoft's OneNote has been a real lifesaver. I viciously use it to keep track of all my work, to-do lists, work progress, work reports, roadmaps, etc. I even store versions of code on it. The ability to create notebooks, one for each project, and pages in them denoting various tasks for that project. Amazing way to keep track of stuff and categorize, especially when there's a lot going on at  the same time. I get to learn a lot every single day. Recently, I picked up TCL in SOL (speed of light... it's an Nvidia thing :P) time and ported high end PERL to it. An RAD code being ported to "Tool Command Language" was like trying to drive a McLaren with square wheels. Well it HAD to be done. There was no way around it. I feel like I am limited by my tools.

#RAD(Rapid Application Develpoment): The stuff for which PERL and Pyhton are all too famous for

What's my primary task? Well, I don't really have a "primary task". No one here does. Everyone does everything possible all... at the SOL! I have 2 core tasks in timing/ASIC backend flow, one current R&D project and one future R&D.

I REALLY like my work... "for now". :P

Here are the latest Office Man.

I should really be posting these @ one per week... But, I'm slacker. I also intended to post some neat tricks I picked up in PERL/TCL, and some real good core electronics fundamentals (in a way anyone could understand). Might do that later. Hmmmm...

Oh! And, I'm also building a Gaming Rig. SUPER!!!

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