October 10, 2013

Genetic Algorithms, Bacon and an Irish Car bomb

Where do I begin?... I have always had this problem where I cannot figure out how to start a narrative. What makes the story and what parts to leave out? Should I tell you of my adventures at the US Consulate or should I tell you of the time when I was almost robbed in Santa Clara? *shrugs*... I'll just pen whatever comes to mind.

Lets just begin with this - One fine day, a rainy one at that, I sat sipping my daily espresso, half heartedly crawling through my daily feeds on a monitor that I could never seem to set the right brightness on. It would either be too bright or too dim. sigh...
Outlook pops out a notification for a new mail. It read that for some reason, some of the fancy tech that I had worked on caught the attention of the Nvidia nTECH committee and they had decided to call me over to Santa Clara to speak about it. Yes, it was an application of Genetic algorithms to solve a obviously non-deterministic ASIC design problem.

Woohoo?... ('-_-) speaking in front of many people... yay... so exciting (-_-')... I just love speaking to a crowd... yay.... sigh

// OK This is post in now literraly 6 months overdue, and I no longer remember what I was going to type.
// This is what my quick notes from 6 months ago looked like

The Nvidia nTECH - what is

firts thing first get VISA - talk about visa process - how short interview was - 2 guys infrnt - stduent visa rehected

next ticketing - insta - Emriates flight - Hyatt House booking... Hmmm - k

Super awesome evening anston. 

fligtj! lost kindle - heart brokern :( so sad couldne t sleeh :( got it back on way back dubai.

Anyhoo... here's some pics:
Sonal lands at SFO airport

Sonal takes SuperShuttle - $38

Sonal walks down the corridor to his room at The Hyatt House

Sonal was like "Wow"... $700 for three days - and I am not paying - wow

Yup. As comfy as it looks

Even comes with a full kitchen. Dayum.

Outside the window


My daily ride to the office. Freaking truck limo thing with super air-conditioning

nTech morning... Sept17, I think

Teslas parked outside the conference room

Tesla S!

ooooh shiny!

Fireside chat between Nvidia Co-Founder and Nvidia Chief Scientist

Elon Musk and Jensen Huang




Free breakfast every morning at The Hyatt House

Coffee at the conference

Irish Pub with Anston - He's paying the bill... hehehe


Well, that's that.
Things that were awesome:
  1. nTech
  2. Anston
  3. Bacon
Things I figured out:

  1. People drink way too much coke and pepsi, ie Soda.
  2. Weather is awesome. I wanna live there!
  3. People don't honk at the signals.
  4. They have unicycles.

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