December 29, 2012

A Wise Word

Words from Mahesh Murthy, verbatim. I couldn't have said it better myself... I am just glad to find another who shares the same ideals, I do. Ideals of humanity, peace and love. Rather than ideals forged by "old tradition and values". Any human worth his education would contemplate and reason tradition and culture and not blindly follow it. If you did, you'd not be human, but sheep.

December 10, 2012

True value

"Why do people blog?" would have the same answer as the one to "Why do people write?". Unbelievable as it might be, there are people out there who (I've found one so far) that firmly believe that people who write, do so because "no one listens to them in real-life and they have no friends. So, they write about it." ... Almost tore my diaphragm due to literal LOL when I was told this. I bet they believe Tolkien, Rushdie, Twain, Christie, Hawking, Brown , Rowling and  Sheldon were really lonely people who had nothing better to do than to write, as no one would listen to them.

December 1, 2012

What TIME is it?

WARNING: This post contains knowledge. Knowledge is injurious to happiness.

Office Man #16,17

You might notice the stark change from Office Man #1-16 and #17... well, my Rho taught me how to do that. I had no idea whiteboard markers could be used that way. Now that my skill archives have been updated with latest revisions, better Office Man are sure to come. Office Man #17 creeped me out, though. What was I thinking? Why do I keep drawing these?!


November 19, 2012

Office Man #12,13,14,15

I am just gonna drop these here and run away (as I am being a super lazy blogger...)
Office Man #12 is a tribute to Mortal Kombat
Office Man #13 and #14 are a tribute to Kingdoms of Amalur
Office Man #15 is a tribute to Bastion (One of the most artistic games I have ever seen. A stellar game play with a gripping narrative... worth tens time the price it's being sold at. Buy it on Steam... like, NOW!)

September 2, 2012

Obey my rules, else you don't love me

Let me draw a scene for you (I am horrible at drawing, and I have the writing skill of a Philips's screwdriver) which may occur at any household that consists of the usual parents, and some kid around the age of say... 21? Alright, that's a count of three humans for this scenario. Let's do this!

August 28, 2012

Salary Man gets fat + Office Man #1,2,3,4

Well, it's been quite a while since I began working (working for real, as a salary man O_O, yeah... I didn't believe it either). I had joined Nvidia as ASIC Design Engineer (I am really proud of telling people about this, with a grin) on July 23rd, 2012. Spent two weeks in Bangalore and then I was shipped off to Hyderabad, for I had asked them to do so. Why did I pick Hyderabad instead of Bangalore and it's awesome weather and free spirited crowd? Well, my Rho's in Hyderabad. She's better than the weather.

I will not get into the details of what happened and what I do for a living as an "ASIC Design Engineer", for that's mainstream/not entertaining to the non-tech. My work does involve keeping a lot of things in my RAM at the same time, but that isn't a problem. I honestly do love my work and being a technophile, I couldn't have chosen a better place to be. Did I mention I get to see things waaaaay before you do?

July 16, 2012

I am tone deaf

I am completely tone deaf and I love listening to music. Speaking of music, I like Cowon as their hardware is very good in my eyes and my ears. I had gotten my beloved Rho, a Cowon C2. Wonderful tiny thing with cutesy UI and music producing hardware that always brings every Apple to it's knees. Koreans :)

Gimme the cheapest phone you got.

Roaming charges on my number are killing me. So, the obvious next step would be to get a local SIM, right? Not that easy. I need my current number active as well. Hence, I had to get the proverbial "secondary phone" in which I could stick my original SIM whilst enjoying the delicious delight of normal, almost insignificant rates of a local sim and the cheap 3G internet on my HTC Desire S. The local sim (airtel-Karnataka) gives me 100 sms per day, every day, forever. I am a happy camper... or in this case, a texter.

I need a new Laptop

I'll be joining work (NVIDIA) on 23rd, July'12. Apparently, a business laptop is thrown at me as soon as I enter. In my attempt to keep all the surprises alive, I had implored my colleagues who had joined earlier to stick "SPOILER ALERT!!!", when they'd post something on our freshmen employee's facebook group. Nonetheless, I had came across the fact that it'd be a Dell or a Lenovo, obviously buisness oriented, sporting a measly NVS 4000mx (nvidia quadro mobile).

July 4, 2012

My First Gaming Rig

The first thing I wanted to do with my money was not to get a car or save up to buy a place... I want a gaming rig. I have put off gaming for the past two years (at least the major titles) because my current machine is currently four years old. In tech years, a four year old machine is archaic.

July 3, 2012

The Fat Man

No matter how many times I try to assure myself that I am exercising for my health and fitness, I just can't seem to believe myself. Deep down inside, I am pretty sure, I am sweating my ass off for looking good. Duh! It's a self confidence issue. Or maybe, good looking people are better accepted in society, and the media has set this in stone. The stereotype bias is a very real thing. First impressions matter a lot, especially in the dating game. It would be brutally naive to think that physical attractiveness is not a major card in the game of love. Well, at least in the beginning, and then all you have to do is maintain the balance between being a douche-bag and a pansy, to keep the relationship running. Relationships aren't things left to fate and the mystery of love. It takes effort. Anything worth its existence requires effort. If looking good is just another incentive for my partner to be "my partner"... then I don't see why not. Does this fall into the range of "don't change yourself for another person"? (S)He'll love you know matter how you look? That's a pitiful excuse. Get your ass in gear, it's not just for your partner, but the society demands you to look better.

June 13, 2012

HOLY DRAGON! There's a kitchen in my home.

Why am I trying to poison myself, you ask? Well, a robot must cook. It has to fend for itself and be independent. Mombot did help, showing me the ropes around the kitchen and the basics of making myself a decent meal. Honestly, cooking is kinda simple. Sure, I could go on and on about the alchemic magic that occurs in a saucepan when you pour diced tomatoes onto browning onions and garlic, but, I would have no idea what I would be talking about. I am supposed to be a robot and raise zombies and shoot repulsor beams out of my palms. But, I still have to eat. I run on carbs, you see, and to make them more accessible, I gotta cook.

I can do my taxes, thank you very much!

Every once in a while I get into this mood of standing atop a soap box and pointing fingers whilst wearing the hat of hypocrisy and gloves of exaggeration. Who doesn't? Maybe it's the effect of going non stop through Boston Legal (I'm nearly done with the fourth season).

May 29, 2012


Being a robot, I'm intrigued. But, let me remind you that I still have no skill in writing and there probably may not be any coherence between the following paragraphs. I shall now rant about something or the other while you keep in mind that this is purely my opinion and that I'm bored.

May 25, 2012

Life > Society

There are times when I wonder what got me here, to this "new post". This is one of those times and I've completely lost my train of thought. Oh, right!... some rant about gay people and my hate for idiots, as usual.

May 22, 2012

Life is an MMORPG

MMORPG - Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

"Hey, Lets make a blog!", they said. "It'll be fun", they said. By the way, I've the writing skills on par with that of a flat-head screw driver.

Right. I guess it's time for an introduction to my soul. I'm an intellectual. I'm an atheist. I'm a narcissist. I'm not Batman... though I really wish I was (But that's a story for another time). I find my ventures to establish connections with humans and perform the menial (to you) task of communication quite daunting yet humorous. This blog is about what I think about everything - the society, the country, the world, the soul mate, the life, the imaginary friend and... me.