October 10, 2013

Genetic Algorithms, Bacon and an Irish Car bomb

Where do I begin?... I have always had this problem where I cannot figure out how to start a narrative. What makes the story and what parts to leave out? Should I tell you of my adventures at the US Consulate or should I tell you of the time when I was almost robbed in Santa Clara? *shrugs*... I'll just pen whatever comes to mind.

August 4, 2013

Some Ado about Arranged Marriages... again...

I came across two distinct point of views concerning the exotic and elusive concept of Arranged Marriages... I must say, I like them both... but I side wholeheartedly with neither. What you may understand from this is upto your discretion and understanding of the "world".

July 15, 2013

I wish I was a dolphin

Disclaimer: I shall now rant, angrily, about my dislike for religion... again. Yes, this is once again my angry typed opinion, DUH!

July 3, 2013

Adventure at the RTA

Sometime during the month of May'13, I had moved to a new apartment in Whitefields, Hyderabad. It was a way too spacious 4BHK along with other homely cynics like myself. I had always wanted to get myself a ride, for it seemed inefficient to spend on those accursed autos. Moreover with my own ride, I would no longer have to restrict myself to the office cab timings. I could enjoy the luxury of work for extended hours... workaholic, much?

There are two parts to this story. One about my adventure to obtain the fabled Learner's License, and another quest to own a scooter.

June 10, 2013

A Small Dinner for One, Please

Been cooking these days. Dinner only. For breakfast, the most important meal of the day, I have a disciplinary small serving of bran cereal with milk every morning (With militarist discipline, yes). Lunch, I grab a roti (Indian flat bread) or two with a small cup of dal (lentil soup)... sometimes with a dash of a random Indian side dish (I call this indulging, and I ashamed of it). 

the Breakfast

May 29, 2013

Tame your Samsung Galaxy SIII

As you might know (or not) that I had previously, rooted my S3 as soon as I had gotten it. For a very good reason too. The stock apps (samsung push, etc) were really bad on my battery. So, I had to root and clear out those stock apps via Titanium Backup.

May 7, 2013

Lets Move

Damn... it's been ages since I even looked at this blog. It's become my ignored bastard child. I just don't feel motivated to drive the original goal any more - to rant about pretty much everything. Being doing that a lot of facebook, lately. Maybe I should just port some of those threads here, verbatim. Hmmmm... I'll think about it.

I even stopped OfficeMan for Odin's sake! :(

Anyway! I have switched cubicles at work. Had to move all my stuff too. Re-stick all the posters and paraphernalia  I am also switching flats during the weekends. Moving to an awesome 4bhk in Whitefields, Hyderabad. Yay...

March 28, 2013

Root your Galaxy SIII

Why would I root a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3, within three days of purchase, you ask? Well, in all honesty, sammy apps were killing the battery - Samsung Push, after I jumped to Jellybean 4.1.2 stock. It was unrelentingly annoying. So, I had no choice but to root it and get rid of bloatware. Guess what... It took five minutes to do so.

After Root + bloatware removal

March 7, 2013

RohanNaidu: The death of a dream

“I’ll be this, ten years from now…” my class-teacher’s neat scrawl sat at the top of the banner.
 Underneath it, a collage of handwritings wove to proclaim:                                                            
“Astronaut!—Poet—Dirt Bike Racer—Economist—Cardiologist—Editor—Writer—Nurse”

              Today, two years from that day the Cardiologist, the Astronaut, the Economist—all of them are gearing up to take the IIT-JEE(Joint Entrance Exam to the Indian Institutes of Technology). What happened to the dreams they dreamed and the hopes they harboured?  You might ask. Well, they’re just a couple more casualties on the “dream-death-toll”.
              Welcome to my country, where lakhs of dreams are slaughtered each year on the altar of “Engineering” at the hands of bloodthirsty parents. Whatever be your interests, skill-sets, aptitude or lack of aptitude for Math and Science , you will be made an engineer. Ask the average parent, “What do you want your son to be?” and more often than not you’ll hear “Engineer”.
             I do not have a problem with engineers or engineering per se. What I have a problem with is the national parental obsession of forcing kids into an “arranged marriage” with Engineering. I have a problem with the genocide of dreams.  
            Thanks to this mass murder, it is hardly a surprise then that a nation of a 100 crore people has produced a measly five Nobel laureates across the past century. The Nobel-deficiency isn't a mere statistic. it symbolizes a murderous parental mentality that perpetrates dream-genocide generation after generation.  In a country of a billion people, there is no lack of imagination, no dearth of talent, no paucity of ingenuity. It’s just that we are too busy sculpting children into engineers, we’re too busy murdering their dreams.
             Thousands of buds are blooming in the Indian society. Why is it then that parents blinded by the cobwebs of conformity choose to let these flowers wilt? Why do we allow this fiendish fire of Engineering to raze the buds of aspiration to ashes?
            The current rapacious generation of parents continues its mindless slaughter unabated. If anything’s changing, it’s the numbers…with every passing year there are more and more sacrifices at the altar. To these cold-blooded murderers, I’d like to ask—
“How do you sleep at night? How does it feel to kill a dream? It must not be easy. Because when a dream dies, it doesn't go down alone…attached to that dream, there’s another one you need to kill and then another, and then another. It’s like killing a tree. You can’t just saw off a twig. You need to chop off the branch and then slowly make your way to the bark. And only when you have finally unearthed the root, your job is done. Only then does a dream die.  You have robbed my generation of its childhood and denied us the fundamental right to dream. College shouldn't be about doing what you’re “supposed to”, it should be about chasing what you “want to”.It isn't about “arranged-marriage”, it’s about “love marriage”. It’s about getting a chance to live your dream, not watching haplessly, helplessly as it is massacred.”

             To my generation I’d say –
 “All we can do is promise that when it’ll be our turn as parents, we won’t turn murderers. When someone’ll ask us “What do you want your son to do?” we won’t answer “Engineer”. When someone’ll ask us “What do you want your son to do?”  We’ll answer “Dream!”.”

- Rohan Naidu

March 5, 2013

I DesireS Jellybean

I have always been afraid of tampering with my HTC Desire S. Not in the fear of voiding warranty, rather following the logic of "Why fix something when it's not broken". It's nearly two years old now and I have been in the mood of getting a new phone since MWC'13. With Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC ONE looming around the corner, causing the prices of galaxy S3 and oneX to plummet,  now was the perfect time to truly enjoy android. I must warn you though... trying to "have fun" with an HTC phone is one pain in the circuit. Obviously, I am not commanding you to do anything... it is you, who must decide to pursue this lolgag or not and risk bricking your device.

JB-4.2.2 on Desire S. Woohoo!

February 13, 2013

OfficeMan #28

Parrot Blade Tonfa?... I need a sanity check or a some fresh creativity.

February 12, 2013

quote unquote: Godma


quote unquote: Godma: A: "So, religion." B: "Pray, what be the reason to bring this nonsense up?" A: "So that you congregation of agnosts and atheists m...

Here is my rant (that you been eagerly waiting for... NOT!... did I just...?... Nevermind [>_>] ) -

February 7, 2013

Philately ... LOL!

So... I used to collect stamps as a kid [-_-] . Thee's a good variety. I found my stamp book when I went back home for a vacation.

How to OfficeMan #27

This is OfficeMan #27,

I don't really know what I did... So, to keep track (for once), I took photos during the process. Look at me... describing my work as a master of the brush would when I am just the noob with a white board marker that smells intoxicating. Lol! 

Office Man #25, 26, 27

I have a strong feeling that I am supposed to be writing a post on something very important.... but, I just can't seem to remember what it was. Sigh. Nonetheless! Got some new OfficeMan... I think I have been slacking at these lately (especially, the Simple Spear - OM#26).

Recently, I have had some interesting conversations with people on Facebook... I'll post those up here too.

January 21, 2013

In the end, Money talks

A video and daily discussion with a friend (who, I am pretty sure is losing his mind... at a very slow pace)... got me thinking about a few things (as usual >_> ). Firstly, you must watch this:

January 16, 2013

Office Man #18, 19, 23, 24

So... I had taken some time off during the last week of 2012 and the first week of 2013... to be at home for "Christmas and New Years". I was badly sick during most of it. Taken down with a fever. So, I had restricted my movement to the couch and the bed. I did finish off the first two books in the Song of Ice and Fire series. Amazing reads. I am reading the third one now. Ordered for a PaperWhite :)

OfficeMan was off for weeks 20, 21 and 22.
#23 and #24 are probably the best ones so far. I had no idea what I was doing...

January 14, 2013


I took time off during the last week of 2012 and the first week of 2013. Got myself some hardware. YAY! Well, a sandwich maker, an induction cooker... and some plasticware. I do not have a refrigerator. I think it's quite possible to live using just these. Regardless of simple it is to make a sandwich... it still feels better to make it yourself. I like the way it is now.  A cup of good green tea in the morning... and a small dinner at night. I get lunch at work.

tuna salad sandwiches

Tuna Salad with Seafood sauce and bread crumbs


Stash of sauces...  I bought Worchester coz it sounded intriguing

Result below

Black pepper noodles with chilli garlic sauce