Tower of Fun

Tower of Fun

I like old school RPGs. I like Shoot’em Ups (shump). I also like roguelikes. I couldn’t help myself from putting them all together and trying to make a roguelike-shump-RPG. Plus, I have teaching myself web development and wanted to try to really harness the neat features that html5 now offered. I decide to log and document this adventure because I believe that there are folks out there who would also like to get into web dev or game dev. To be honest, I am probably doing this just to see if I can in the first place!

I have posted all code onto github.

Source Code

To hosted the game on bitballon -


This project documentation is more like a journal. Each of the below pages, builds slowly on the last one. Sometimes its a code addition, some other times I improve the sprites and game art. I try to describe the changes and steps so that we could see how a game could build itself from scratch. I draw my own sprites, as I like to pixel-art. But, I am really horrible at it, you’ll have to bear with me. Maybe over the course of the project, I do improve…

Don’t ask about the project name. It came to me one morning, and it’s stuck. I am too lazy to go back and change all the code or documentations that refers to it that way. It is… acceptable.

Dabbling with the web

It all began here, when I had first decided to stop restricting myself to default html (old school one, not html5), and discover what lied beyond. I found html5, CSS3 and almighty Javascript. I can’t begin to describe how in love with jQuery, I am.

Check it out -


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Dungeon Generator

A feature common to infinite roguelikes is the ability to produce infinitely random, yet relevant content. Our roguelike-shump-RPG would need a Procedurally Generated Dungeon to start off. Our canavs is currently empty. We would need a stage to work on, yes?


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Introduction to Phaser

Phaser, finally introduced. Here I describe how to use the Dungeon Generator along with Phaser to dynamically draw out a neat tile map.

Dungeon Drawing in Phaser using Tilemap

procedurally generated dungeon drawn using Phaser

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Tower of Fun - The Making

A short moment of introspection on how I got here… again.

Project: Tower of Fun

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Tower of Fun - Part I

Harness the power of Phaser.tilemap to fill up the dungeon. Also added the Player.

enter image description here

Tower of Fun - Part 1

Using Phaser to draw the dungeon map

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Tower of Fun - Part II

You won’t believe how a simple change in sprites can change the whole game. Player is now animated and the tile sprites now use 2 pixels!

enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here

Tower of Fun Part 2

Pixel art makes all the difference

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