March 28, 2013

Root your Galaxy SIII

Why would I root a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3, within three days of purchase, you ask? Well, in all honesty, sammy apps were killing the battery - Samsung Push, after I jumped to Jellybean 4.1.2 stock. It was unrelentingly annoying. So, I had no choice but to root it and get rid of bloatware. Guess what... It took five minutes to do so.

After Root + bloatware removal

How to Root

Get Samsung S3 drivers - first - 

Basically, I used the ChainFire Root + Odin method. Kinda way too easy.
Get these:

  • ChainFire tarball - LINK
  • Odin v1.85 - LINK
Boot to Odin mode - Shutdown, then press - Volume Down + Power + Home button together... You'll get a warning screen. Go along with it. Connect the phone to the computer via USB, now.

Run Odin in admin mode. If your phone had it's drivers installed properly, then you should see a COM port listing in Odin. Select the chainfire tarball in the PDA tab. Make sure Autoreboot is NOT checked.

Click on Start. It takes seconds... and whence Odin reports success (everything is green)... <I know most of you are going to cringe at this next part, but...> ... remove the battery and put it back again - ie: Hard reboot.

Boot up phone... and you have a rooted S3. Simple wasn't it? Told, ya. It takes less than 5 minutes.

Post Rooting

Install Titanium backup and uninstall bloatware - especially Samsung Push.

I wasn't a fan of ClockworkMod recovery (default installed with ChainFire). So I got rid of that (via titanium backup) and replaced it with TWRP (install via Odin).

Also there's another tool call PalaTool which helps remove bloatware and gives you the option of installing stock android apps - AOSP calender, clock, keyboard, etc.

Fun! Never had such good battery life, and I am still using stock.

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