July 15, 2013

I wish I was a dolphin

Disclaimer: I shall now rant, angrily, about my dislike for religion... again. Yes, this is once again my angry typed opinion, DUH!

Q: Why do people fight over religion? You don't see people fighting over sports! What is so unique about religion and region that makes people kill their neighbours?

We, the human race have not evolved to that point of existing in peace. Let us observe humanity, as a whole, in its average. What do you see there? Wars, rape, bio-weapons (WTF! why?), people fighting over decomposed dead trees (*cough*petrol*cough*), Politicians arguing over who gets to "rescue" people in floods to get a better "name" for the upcoming elections... Chaos.

The average human is the one who thinks that politicians are simply kings with a lot of money, unbeknownst to the fact that he himself is feeding them that money via tax and corruption. The average human thinks that because there was a riot years ago, involving people who believe in the same version of Sky Daddy as he does, while having nothing else in common, it is now ok to hate other people who believe in another version of their Sky Unicorn. The average human is the one who nods his head to the rhymes of his demented sexist religious leader, and goes home and beats his wife up for taking up college courses (which she never had a chance to take as her parents thought educated their religious daughter was pretty pointless, as all she would have to do is make sandwiches in the kitchen and have unsatisfactory sex whenever her pious husband would beckon). The average human cannot survive and will degrade a socialist economy. The average human does not trust the other human.

A'right, that might be a bit too exaggerated... nonetheless you can imagine a human or two that fits at least one of these frames, can't you? And it is scary.

We have concepts of borders and nations. We are not evolved. Dolphins are evolved. You see them fighting any 100 year war? No. You see them smiling, eating fish, playing around in the blue oceans? Yes. Hence, I wish I was a dolphin.


Let it be know that in the following text, when I say Religions, I am talking about Organized Religion that preaches Dogma, the absolute. This constitutes nearly all religions. Nearly all, note.

My lack of faith in Humanity aside. When it comes to religion, I believe the greatest flaw religion has is being absolute. There is no reform. There are no amendments or clauses. It is absolute. It cannot keep pace with the rapid evolution of Humanity and society in general, and this is where all our goddamn problems arise. Religion cannot accept that there is a change in the "Word of God", the absolute, for that would be blasphemous. Religion is the greatest mishap to happen to humanity. It keeps it divided and deluded.

A lot of people would like to say that Religious dogma is a way of life. How can something absolute be a way of life, which is ever changing. Sigh...

Nevermind... You are not gonna listen anyway. You may now go back to beating your daughter for wearing skirts in summer.