February 12, 2013

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quote unquote: Godma: A: "So, religion." B: "Pray, what be the reason to bring this nonsense up?" A: "So that you congregation of agnosts and atheists m...

Here is my rant (that you been eagerly waiting for... NOT!... did I just...?... Nevermind [>_>] ) -

Is ''Reasoning' a good enough reason to discard the Faith of your ancestors? What bravado you must wield, to believe that you may not believe. I say... Aye, Why not?! :D

"God", is traditionally an omnipotent and almighty being that pretty much is the answer to everything. That's where they all went wrong. 

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding" - Prov.3:5 (The Holy Bible, at it's finest)

That pretty much translates to "Hey, you must take this course - Ignorance 101!!". Treacherous, truly.

Here's my take...

God and religion, to me, are separate and cannot co-exist. God is not an entity... but an idea... a philosophy... an essence... an answer to the idea of existence and that which is still unknown. God evolves everyday (sometimes goes even non-existent)... and the shrinks as the days go by... all enabled by the collective Human intellect. God is humanity and humanity is God.

If God is an entity, as per most religions... then it's nigh on impossible to alter that definition when certain truths are found.

Hence, the Church blinded Copernicus. Hence, a Fatwas are issued in general. Religion does not have room for change for it believes it is perfect.

That's where it all went wrong...

As, Sonal always says...

"The world is not perfect... therefore, it is."