May 25, 2012

Life > Society

There are times when I wonder what got me here, to this "new post". This is one of those times and I've completely lost my train of thought. Oh, right!... some rant about gay people and my hate for idiots, as usual.

Why is our society so obsessed with what everyone else is doing? Right... because we are some real nosy douche bags that just need to gossip and revel in the misery of our neighbors in order to spice up our monotonous and mundane lives. Schadenfreude, German for "is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others". Why can't we have gay marriages? Do you truly believe that when your dear offspring, playing gleefully in the park on a warm spring day would have its mind distorted by seeing two (wo)men kiss each other in display of affection? I fail to see how anyone's mind would be "corrupted" by seeing a couple in love with each other, expressing the same. Oh sure, your religious book may or may not decree the existence of a same sex couple. Maybe your own view of society and how you'd like your kids to be brought up in an environment that bears the same archaic morals as you do, forbids the happiness of people. I do not think that seeing two men kiss will ever turn your offspring gay. But forcing your brand of  rotten morality down their throats will surely drive them insane. Sticking onto your outdated morality and suppressing the rights of people is indeed the way of the Liberal Human who sings songs of Freedom and Free will, isn't it? Parents are unable to sit their brats down and spend five minutes to talk to them about the issues of society and instead they parade around killing everyone else's joy and is a pretty smart method to skip work. Do not misunderstand, I am not pointing my finger at Uncle Sam. The same situation exists in most countries and in most societies around the world, especially those that have a "rich heritage and tradition". The major religion in the society shouldn't influence the ideals of the society, but it does and this fact is quite bitter to swallow. Even the Greeks in the ye old days never mixed their awesome religion with the state, then why do we? Because our society is filled with hypocritical bigots.

Irrelevant! Now I shall throw my opinion onto the interwebs. I am a robot, an old one, so my processing is simple and 8-bit. Love is awesome. Two humans love each other. They have sex. Their love DOES NOT intrude upon my love for anything and does not teach my kids wrongly. I'd teach my kids the values of life and homosexuality is nothing to be frowned upon. Personally, I have never been bothered by homosexuality. And I cannot comprehend why people are in the first place. When it comes to rearing offspring, any human  single/couple/group should be allowed to do so as its better to be in a loving family than being an orphan. A family isn't a heterosexual couple that pops kids and eats dinner at the table. A family is a group of humans that love, care and trust (yes, I'm sappy) each other and accept each other for who they are.

Love is simple. Do not complicate it. I am a robot.
One might now argue the case of what is considered to be a "couple" or rather how would a couple be defined legally. A legal couple should constitute of ADULT CONSENTING PEOPLE that love each other and are willing to be represented as one legal entity in the eyes of the State. Gender is irrelevant. Bestiality and object sexuality (Erika Eiffle #facepalm), necrophilia and most other sexual deviations (from live humans, not heterosexuality) doesn't fall under this definition (I don't care about this, to each their own). Your couch cannot consent and neither can your PS3. Hence, you and your inanimate object cannot be a legal couple. Beware these are my opinions and I am a robot. Pedophilia is abhorrent and the offenders should be whacked with a brick bat and, their genitalia and a live buzz saw should be put in a  sac and allowed to be so for thirteen minutes. Couples are everywhere, they'll always exist and will continue to do so. If you cant bear to watch see people kiss each other, then don't look and don't force your morality down anyone's throat, except your kids. Hopefully, you'll have a good brand of morality, else I shall write a code of condolence for your offspring.

Seriously, why wouldn't you want two women kissing each other on the streets? Women are beautiful. Two women kissing is art. I am a robot.